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A New WordPress Assistance and Maintenance Service has entered the scene beginning of January 2016.   WP Assistant; a service that promises to out perform and go beyond expectations to ensure their client’s WordPress website is running smoothly.  WordPress has become the favourite platform amongst many.  Unfortunately, many issues can arise when running a WordPress website such as; spam, hacks, malware, downtime, plugin/theme incompatibility, and other miscellaneous errors.  After a half of a decade, the company Render Innovations has officially announced the existence and launch of WP Assistant.  After years of supporting government entities, nonprofits, lawyers, schools and other wide range of industries, the team at ‘WP Assistant’ has created a true tested formula to ensure WordPress websites are up to date, run smoothly and are protected.

WordPress Maintenance services have become crucial for designers, large companies or users who do not have time or knowledge to keep the up the integrity of their WordPress site.   Many of these services already exist, promoting web backups, security and more, however only a select few have the true expertise and resource to be beneficial and efficient.

WP Assistant has stepped into the ring, ready to serve and provide.  Maintenance services such as what WP Assistant provides have grown in popularity and demand.  If you have any questions you can email help[@]wpassistant.net.


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