What We Provide:

We provide maintenance and monitoring services for your WordPress Website.  The question for you is; how much is your time worth?  Is it worth trying to figure out how to manage your site, fix hacks, talk to your hosting company, secure your website or make sure WordPress is updated?  We take all of that out of your hands and free your schedule up so you can tackle your other important daily tasks.


WordPress Assistance – For Peace of Mind

Need help to edit, post, update, debug or talk nerd for you?  How about personal tutorials and training?  Let us assist you with almost any WordPress need you may have.


Security Installation

We have the tools and resources necessary to boost the security of your website.  And if our security measures are not enough, we’ll assess the situation and react.


WP Updates – For Security.

Majority of Hacks on WordPress websites are because they haven’t been updated.  We monitor, and update your WordPress website’s software & plugins for you.


24/7 Up Time Monitoring

Don’t miss out on potential customers & web visitors!  We monitor your site 24/7 and you will receive text alerts whenever you’re website is down.  If it does, we’ll help fix it.


Malware Scanning & Removal

Website malware & hacks are more common than you may realize.  We’ll monitor, send you alerts and be proactive on removing any threats for you. Start protecting your site today!


Website Backup & Restoration

What happens if your website is hacked, contains malware, or it ‘mysteriously’ is ruined?  Be sure there are backups of your site!  Backups enable you to restore the site before it’s defaced.


Just A Few of Our Awesome Clients:

Save Time, Money and Get The Support You Need.