Do you have those nagging orange notifications that are telling you that there are updates available for your plugins?  Ever update your WordPress platform &/Or a plugin and your site is all of a sudden broken?  Don’t stress! Introducing the WordPress Maintenance Services.  We take care of maintaining your WordPress platform and plugins by updating and ensuring everything is in working order.  And if a plugin does cause compatibility issues, we’ll help resolve that problem.

The WordPress Maintenance Services Include The Following:


WP Updates – For Security.

Majority of Hacks on WordPress websites are because they haven’t been updated.  We monitor, and update your WordPress website’s software & plugins for you.


Security Installation

We have the tools and resources necessary to boost the security of your website.  And if our security measures are not enough, we’ll assess the situation and react.


24/7 Up Time Monitoring

Don’t miss out on potential customers & web visitors!  We monitor your site 24/7 and you will receive text alerts whenever you’re website is down.  If it does, we’ll help fix it.


Website Backup & Restoration

What happens if your website is hacked, contains malware, or it ‘mysteriously’ is ruined?  Be sure there are backups of your site!  Backups enable you to restore the site before it’s defaced.

Increase Web Speed

You can lose customers, web visitors even lose points from Google if your website is slow.  We provide  and implement tools and resources to increase your website’s load time.


Malware Scanning & Removal

Website malware & hacks are more common than you may realize.  We’ll monitor, send you alerts and be proactive on removing any threats for you. Start protecting your site today!

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