Introducing Your WP Assistant:

When you hire a WordPress Assistant, you’re receiving not only assistance, but a peace of mind.  If you need help to add content to your WordPress website, fix your WP site, receive training/tutorials, add security or perform backups, then you’ve came to the right place.  WP Assistant is service that provides on-call assistance, whenever you need help with your WordPress Website.


WordPress Assistance – For Peace of Mind

Need help to edit, post, update, debug or talk nerd for you?  How about personal tutorials and training?  Let us assist you with almost any WordPress need you may have.


Security Installation

We have the tools and resources necessary to boost the security of your website.  And if our security measures are not enough, we’ll assess the situation and react.


WP Updates – For Security.

Majority of Hacks on WordPress websites are because they haven’t been updated.  We monitor, and update your WordPress website’s software & plugins for you.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


WP Assistant aims to help secure, monitor, optimize and maintain WordPress websites so you don’t have to.  This means you can spend your time on other daily tasks that matter.

Depending which plan you choose, we have WP Assistants on call during business hours, ready to help assist you with your WordPress website.  Whether through our chat system, or our specialized ticketing platform, you will have a personal assistant taking care of almost anything you need.

We implement security measures to your website and if we detect any issues, we'll improve the security.
Need assistance?  We have folks on call during business hours to help train, debug and talk to your hosting company!

24/7 Up time Monitoring, We have tools that will monitor your website 24/7 and if your website goes down, you’ll receive an email + text alert.

We offer Malware Scanning, so when we detect anything, you can use your tools / resources necessary to take proper action.

SEO Analysis and Website Optimizations.  Ensure your website is up to date, loads fast, and is SEO optimized.  We provide reports and take actions to help your website grow, and become something even greater!

We Make Daily Website Backups of your website. As well, if your site is hacked, or you damaged your site beyond repair, we’ll restore the website for you.

No need to worry about your website and updating it.  We’ll take care of it for you!

Web Files Backed Up
Hours Saved For Clients
Hacks Thwarted / Month
Bandwidth Saved for Clients / Month

Just A Few of Our Awesome Clients:

Save Time, Money and Get The Support You Need.